Saturday, December 14, 2013

Son Getting Reading For His Black Belt Test

Not sure how but my son is training for his black belt. He has been training in KungFu for some time now - about 5 years and  he is determined to earn that belt. He should be testing in about 2 months.

He started training when he was 13 years old. We started in Kung Fu San Soo with a local instructor but now he is training with the Grandmaster. In this style you have to wait until you are 16 or 18 to earn your black belt.

When he is done testing I want to have a plaque with all of his belts hanging up on the wall in the living room. Something like these here:

However I wont have the flags on the top I want to have his name engraved. Found a great place to order from: Looks like it will only cost about $30 with shipping. Even if it were to cost more I wouldn't mind as this is a one in a lifetime event. There is another kind I am considering though (you can check it out here). It has a more elaborate design and looks rather nice but I am not sure if I can spend the money on that one as it is close to $100.

Hopefully my son passes his test or this is all a moot point! LOL!

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